Wife Contract and Love Covenants Chapter 405

When will the next chapter be downloaded? I can`t wait to watch the🥲best manga I`ve ever read Omg huhu I need more chapters T.T who taught so much better huhu his love is real He will love you more than you ever know Kha Kha3. So don`t doubt His love for you. Thank you for updating the chapter. He should just tell her the truth if he is afraid that she will leave him. Thank you for downloading. Lol, how fast people forget. He has already deceived her several times and he is still cheating on her. And yes, people still condemn the *FL* for forgiving their perpetrators so easily. Oh my god. Don`t think too much, he won`t betray you. No, he just wants to confirm if she will stay with him, because he doubts that she is aware that he keeps secrets The One who forgot her for the first time is actually him! She could certainly never forget that.

I think.. .